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Jeri Apple, Board Certified Coach

JERI APPLE, Board Certified Coach, BCC

Executive & Leadership Development Coach

Jeri Apple partners with executives to identify, develop, and leverage their distinct leadership strengths with a client-centered approach based on mutual trust and respect.  Individuals and teams experience laser-focused coaching to achieve peak performance by integrating a whole-person approach.  The coaching results in more resiliency, emotional management, and healthier relationships on and off the job.  Jeri's style is gentle and firm.  Her clients use phrases like grace and ease, authentic and vulnerable, and warm and strong to describe Jeri's style.  She has a knack for creating a safe and calm environment that promotes a thought-provoking and creative process.

Jeri is a business executive and consultant with 30+ years of leadership experience in private, non-profit domains and the federal government.  Jeri's expertise in psychology and neuroscience as a coach, facilitator, licensed menta health professional and a certified hypnotherapist provides executives with strategies and skills to manage stress and achieve peak performance in their personal and professional lives.  She specializes in a whole person-strength based approach to changes, helping others cultivate opportunities for transformation using body, mind, spirit connection.

Jeri has served as a Facilitator, Coach, and Instructor as Adjunct Faculty with the Federal Executive Institute (FEI), Center for Leadership Development, Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Jeri has coached senior leaders in transformational leadership throughout federal government agencies including NASA, NOAA, USAID, the Department of Treasury, Department of Defense and USDA.

I have witnessed Jeri's "magic approach" for 25+ years and in a variety of settings.  She is a master at helping individuals and teams become more of their best selves.  Her gift for gently coaching people to embrace their potential and step through barriers leads to transformational change.  You can count on Jeri to model and share behaviors that normalize fears, embrace strengths, and enhance confidence and presence.  Every recipient of Jeri's coaching step away with life changing skills.
Shirley Garrett, EdD, CSP Executive Speech & Communication Coach
As a professional colleague of Jeri Apple, I have personally witnessed her gentle and expert approach to coaching.  Whether the focus is speech anxiety communication challenges, or the ups and downs of everyday life, Jeri's quiet, yet powerful and pragmatic approach, works magic for her clients.  She's the best.
Julie Alexander, MA, CSP, Great Teams- Great Results

In over 25 years of federal service, I've never met a mentor or facilitator who cares so deeply, supports so fully and uses every resource or insight that I needed, so readily at her fingertips.
Federal Executive, Federal Executive Institute, Center for Leadership Development, LDS program for Senior Federal Executives
Jeri is a Godsend for all students!  She knows exactly when to rein us in and when to step back.  She was and continues to be integral in my leadership experience.
Federal Executive, Federal Executive Institute, Center for Leadership Development, LDS program for Senior Federal Executive
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